How To Write Engaging Instagram Caption?

The Instagram business landscape is crowded, with over 25 million competing profiles. If you want to turn viewers into buyers, you need subtitles that make people stop scrolling and want to find out more.

Even if you’re used to penning captions for your own social media posts, working on client projects might provide some unique challenges.

Instagram Caption: What Does That Mean?

The text that you type beneath a picture or video on Instagram is called a caption.
Captions aren’t an afterthought; they’re essential. The post’s description merits as much care as the material it accompanies.

Client-focused Instagram captions should do the following:

Bring in the crowds
Exhibit the label

The objective is to generate interest in and interaction with the brand by preventing Instagram users from continuing to scroll.

Client-friendly Instagram caption writing tips

Recognise your target audience

The majority of Instagram users in the United States (U.S.) are young adults (18-29), according to 2019 statistics from the Pew Research Centre. According to the same study, women make up 43% of the sample.

You may get a sense of the size and makeup of the Instagram market in the United States from this information, but you’ll still need to do some further research to learn more about your client’s ideal customers.

Be familiar with the brand voice and maintain a steady tone

The client’s social copy should still represent the brand’s personality, even though the Instagram platform encourages a more casual tone.


According to Stackla’s 2019 consumer and marketing outlook report, 90% of customers value authenticity highly when deciding which companies to support. This is an increase from last year’s 86% rate.

You can see this in action at Sweet Daze Dessert Bar. You can tell the company is lighthearted and carefree by looking at its Instagram captions.

Keep the length of your posts

Instagram posts can include up to 2,200 characters in the description.

When compared to networks like Twitter, which only allow for 280 characters, the restriction is amazing. However, less is more when writing for customers.

Instagram cuts off descriptions at 125 characters, forcing users to tap for more to see the whole thing. Therefore, the copy should not be more than three lines at most.

Ensure the opening sentence is engaging. is interesting and engaging

According to eMarketer, the average amount of time U.S. adults spend on Instagram per day will rise by 13.8% between 2019 and 2020. This is more time spent every day than is spent on Snapchat or Facebook combined.
First lines of copy are crucial if you want to grab a reader’s attention and prevent them from scrolling past your content.

Consider using a “inverted pyramid” structure, where the most crucial points are introduced first. The user may accomplish all of their goals in this manner.

Emphasise a call to action

A call to action (CTA) tailored to the marketing goal is a key component of successful Instagram captions.

An effective call to action (CTA) engages the Instagram user by using action verbs and conveying a feeling of urgency.

The Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas, for instance, recommends that potential guests visit the hotel’s booking page using the bio link.
Some effective calls to action include:

  • Instagram’s algorithm considers the user’s relationship to other Instagram users when determining who to show your content to. Indicative comments help establish a connection.
  • It takes very little effort to increase the client’s brand’s organic reach beyond the client’s follower base to comparable users by simply asking the client’s followers to tag a friend.
  • Use material in the Instagram Business Profile’s bio to encourage people to visit your client’s website and make a purchase.
  • Insert all applicable and branded hashtags here.
  • Instagram enables up to 30 hashtags per post, although the appropriate quantity varies depending on the purpose of the post.

HubSpot’s study for 2020 indicated that five to six hashtags was optimal, with engagement dropping off beyond that.
Branded hashtags are distinct searchable keywords related to the client’s brand, as opposed to generically descriptive hashtags. It’s a crucial method of promotion for raising profile, enhancing social listening, and keeping tabs on interactions with minimal effort.
The best Instagram posts will have engaging captions that incorporate a variety of branded and topical hashtags that accurately represent the post’s content.

Hashtags may be added to Instagram posts in two places: the description and the comments.

Plan and revise your posts with a social media scheduling tool

Once you’ve written your caption, go back and check for typos and other errors in spelling and punctuation.

Another benefit of planning ahead is that you can produce higher-quality writing than you would otherwise be capable of producing on the spur of the moment.

Using social media scheduling software is the most convenient method for accomplishing both of these goals.

Last Words

Captions on Instagram may have a significant impact on how many people interact with a post, how many people learn about a brand, and how many people visit a client’s website. Caption writing might seem daunting at first, but with these guidelines in mind, you can rest assured that your work will convert.