May 2023 TikTok Tips & Updates

We have collated the most recent advice, updates, and direction for TikTok UA campaigns to assist UA and creative teams in adjusting to the developing ad ecosystem. Many new features have been added to TikTok For Business to improve its advertising potential, providing UA teams with exciting new options. We encourage you to get in touch with us if you have any questions or would want some advice from our UA team regarding TikTok. The world’s leading mobile applications and online performance advertisers trust us to manage their $3.5 billion annual budgets for creative and social media advertising. This is the current state of mobile advertising on TikTok.

TikTok Uses Contextual Advertising to Grow Profits

To improve user engagement, TikTok is prioritising the delivery of adverts that are more tailored to individual users and the content they’re watching. Recent research has shown that consumers are more likely to remember and have a positive impression of an advertisement when it is contextual. Delivery of advertisements dependent on context has been shown to improve user experience and engagement.

TikTok’s new update, Pulse

With TikTok Pulse, “a new contextual advertising solution that enables advertisers display their brand next to the top content in the For You Feed,” TikTok makes use of contextual ad placement to its advantage. TikTok believes that a feeling of community that motivates artists and app discoverers alike may be fostered by matching brand presence with more relevant content. Using Pulse, marketers can “be a part of these everyday events and trends that engage the community,” as stated by TikTok.

Promotion of Mobile Games

To help businesses better connect with mobile gamers, TikTok For Business has published a mobile gaming playbook. These tools demonstrate the platform’s dedication to the gaming community and explain how to use the latest innovations in the gaming industry to your brand’s advantage. Forty billion views per month are generated by the top one hundred gaming-related hashtags on TikTok, proving that the varied gaming community thrives on contact and participation. Ads on TikTok have been successful in convincing one out of every five users to download and pay for a game. Marketers may reach a captive audience of app users who are known to spend money, since 65% of US-based TikTok users had made an in-app purchase within the past 3-6 months.

Specialized Marketing Efforts on TikTok

TikTok campaigns may be tailored to pre-/soft-launch, launch, scaling, retention, and monetization phases of mobile game marketing. The optimal blend is achieved by the integration of owned content, creator content, and in-feed video. Advertisers may verify product-market fit and fine-tune content during the pre-launch phase by using both organic and sponsored content. The expansion of the user base through direct response user acquisition is of paramount importance during the launch. When a stable and expanding user base has been developed, advertisers may focus on increasing their brand’s exposure and maximising returns. Last but not least, boosting player retention and income is the goal of awards, content updates, and community involvement.

Pixels now have cookies on TikTok.

The addition of a third-party cookie to TikTok will greatly enhance attribution, especially for the platform’s thriving e-commerce community. TikTok, in contrast to Facebook, has traditionally allowed users to exit the app when linked to an external browser. TikTok has inadvertently facilitated buying behaviour by enabling advertisers and influencers to send viewers to other marketplaces. TikTok can “increase matching and attribution capabilities” by combining this adaptability with the Pixel and cookies.

TikTok’s Success Is Fueled by Its Diverse Content.

As we’ve highlighted, using wide brushstrokes in your creative won’t be enough to economically extend your audience without deterministic monitoring on iOS or efficient lookalike audiences. But, the secret to long-term success in user acquisition is persona-led creative made in accordance with player motivations, preferences, and interests. To attract new viewers, TikTok suggests its users “constantly publish fresh and different content.” As the network is based on a content graph rather of a social graph, users are always “motivated and stimulated” by the abundance of new information they might uncover.