7 Tips For Compelling TikTok Influencer Marketing Strategy

TikTok is an essential platform that can greatly assist your advertising efforts, and everyone knows it. It’s no secret that this social media app has a billion users and is often compared to streaming services. It’s common knowledge that regular users clock in an average of 95 minutes or more per day using the app. I cover this topic in detail in my TikToK Marketing 101 course.

Brands are increasingly turning to influencers for assistance with a wide range of tasks, including but not limited to…

  • Exposure to the Brand
  • Opinions on the Brand
  • Consideration
  • Conversions
  • Leads

To name a few examples: creating content. It’s a no-brainer to leverage influencers/content creators who are committed app users in a world where content is king but the volume of content is overwhelming.

TikTok influencer marketing: what exactly is it?

The most popular influencers on TikTok have become experts at using the app. They have a dedicated fan base because they know how to use the app for its intended purpose and have mastered it. They know exactly what their audience wants and how to give it to them in the form of interesting and entertaining content. They have the ability to expose your company to a massive audience because they have grown that audience themselves.

That’s all thanks to TikTok!

The fact that users are increasingly turning to Tik Tok for shopping and research is also convincing businesses to put their faith in the platform. TikTok has become an alternative search engine to Google for many users. This is so because they can see testimonials and examples from real people who have already gone through the process of learning about this topic. Since they believe the reviews written by their app friends, this often results in a purchase. #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt

TikTok is obviously a very potent app. It’s based on actual events, is 100% genuine, funny, and instructive. This is why companies are maintaining the platform: to make a splash on the FYP by employing influencers.
You’ve made it this far, so congrats! You’re interested in launching an influencer marketing campaign on TikTok, but you’re not sure how to get started. If you stick to these instructions, you will reach your destination.

The first step in using TikTok influencer marketing is to choose an item to promote

This serves as the guidepost for your social media strategy. If you want to steer the ship, you need to figure out what you’re selling. It could be the introduction of a new LTO, product, or even BRAND. Something more permanent, like a never-ending brand ambassador campaign, could be used to generate interest.

We’ve made use of influential people to spread the word about new limited-time offers at Auntie Anne’s. At the same time, we have leveraged influential people to boost the visibility of key dates on our marketing calendar (like football season or March Madness).

Step 2: Find out who you’re targeting on TikTok

It’s crucial that you know the proper response to this. TikTok app has 1 billion users. You end up not talking to anyone if you try to please everyone. Know your target demographic inside and out so you can align yourself with the influencers most likely to reach them.

Makeup-obsessed millennials are just one example; it could also include knitters. So that’s why TikTok is so great!

Step 3: Set a firm financial goal for your TikTok influencer marketing campaign

TikTok is where a little goes a long way. If you work with smaller creators, that doesn’t mean your viewership will suffer. Tik Tok prioritises showing you high-quality content based on your preferences, making it easier to find a wide range of options. Even though I only have 200 followers, the Tik Tok video I uploaded to my personal account got 47,000 views.

TikTok prioritises content over its creators

So if you can only afford to collaborate with independent artists, do it.

If you can also provide a larger budget, that would be fantastic as well. To ensure high-quality results, collaborate with creators who have experience working with brands. How many people actually watch it is something they have no control over. So, you should give serious consideration to the calibre of their content interaction generates among their audience. An update is forthcoming.

To take the fourth step, seek out popular users of TikTok

This section will feature me sharing personal anecdotes. A wide variety of strategies exist for identifying potential influencers. From traditional app stalking to today’s influencer marketing via third-party tools. Everything comes down to how much time and money you have available and how familiar you are with working with influencers.

Creating a brief for your TikTok influencers is the fifth step

It’s important to have a clear idea of what you want your list of influencers to accomplish before you start contacting them. In this article, I’ll explain everything in greater depth.

Step 6: Contacting users and getting their OK

You are now prepared to outreach, as you have your brief and a list of influencers you wish to collaborate with. First, you need to determine if the influencer is interested in working with you, likes your business, and has time for the project after making initial contact with them through a third-party tool or direct message (DM). If they agree, then you can send over a brief detailing your specifications and finalise the deal with a legally binding contract.

Is it safe to say that your TikTok influencer campaign was a success by Step 7?

Just what did you hope to accomplish by enlisting the aid of said influencers? Did it have anything to do with familiarity with the brand? Conversions? Engagement? Request that your influencers send you their campaign analytics no later than two weeks after the campaign has ended. You can compare it to other sponsored content and also to campaigns they’ve run in the past.