The 13 Best Social Media Marketing Tools For Agencies, According To You

While I’m still early in my marketing career, one thing has become very clear: in-house and agency marketing roles are really two distinct industries.

The eventual goal of both approaches is to create campaigns that blow people away, so there is some similarity there.

But your relationship to the brand you’re marketing – whether you work for them as an employee, or with them as a client – defines so much of your approach and how you get to that final result.

Obviously, working in an agency means “becoming” several different brands simultaneously. If you want to write effective marketing material for a company, you need to put yourself in the shoes of their target audience and adopt the tone of their brand. Having to maintain several identities or alter egos when working for different firms at once.

Then there’s the bureaucracy. Relationships between agencies and their clients tend to increase the number of persons engaged in every choice. That frequently leads to greater debate and delays in reaching a conclusion.

Tips for Choosing the Right Agency Software

Let’s make sure everyone is on the same page before we go into the specific social media platforms. I warned that working for an agency had its own set of challenges before. It’s obvious that these problems require specialised equipment.

  • Working together is an absolute must. Given the multifaceted nature of client account management (on both your end and theirs), it’s crucial that your social media marketing tools facilitate smooth and efficient teamwork and communication.
  • There is also the blatant option for many accounts. If you’re managing a tonne of various social profiles, you surely don’t want to have separate logins for each of them. Wow, what a terrible nightmare.
  • Clients pay you to produce outcomes, so you’d better be confident in what you report. Presenting your value to clients is facilitated by streamlined reporting.
  • Final note on permissions: make sure nobody makes a breaking change to something they shouldn’t. By assigning users unique levels of access, you may limit the features and settings that various groups of your client’s staff can modify.

Promoting Instruments


Qwaya for Facebook advertisements is hands down my favourite social media tool. We can easily handle all of our clients’ advertising accounts from a one location, eliminating the need to switch between several company managers. And when comparing features like audience targeting and A/B testing, it just outclasses Power Editor. You need Qwaya if you’re managing Facebook advertisements for more than two clients. CEO of WebProfits Sujan Patel


TubeMogul is an end-to-end platform for managing video advertising campaigns, and Adobe just bought it. Furthermore, it only caters to agencies and companies, as opposed to in-house marketers, thus it offers many specialised options for your group and your customers.

Mostly used for uploading and syndicating videos, it lets us distribute a single movie to several different platforms. TubeMogul’s true value is in the comparative analytics it provides; for example, how many views did each site provide our video and how long did users watch our footage on average? It’s a fantastic resource for taking your video marketing to the next level with smart optimisation. Growth Hacking Agency Rainmakers’ Werner Geyser

Media platforms


Without a doubt, Buffer is the best social media scheduling tool out there. Using their UI, scheduling several changes at once across a client’s various social media accounts is a breeze. And their analytics are top-notch as well. There’s a lot to be said about a product that does what it’s supposed to do, and Buffer fits that bill. The Founder and CEO of TiE, Sujan Patel


By adding carefully selected information to your customers’ Buffer queues automatically, Quuu allows you to save time curating content for their social network sites.

“Quuu is another fantastic resource for businesses. Simply link it up, select the topics you want to discuss, and high-quality information will be loaded into your Buffer accounts instantly. In Memory of Tomas Laurinavicius


“While Hootsuite does offer Premium, the free version works quite well if you don’t need lots of user accounts,” we said. “We use Hootsuite for some of our clients who are not using a bigger tool such as HubSpot.” Kula Partners’ Laura Hawkins

Networking site similar to Sprout

“We couldn’t run our social media business without Sprout Social. Each of our customers benefits from our usage of it in the areas of monitoring, content distribution, community management, and reporting. Because of how intuitive the system is and how simple it is to build new profiles, we can rapidly add critical search phrases and set up reports if a customer has an upcoming project. Authors: Kelsey Nelson and Ferebee Lane

I’ve been looking for a social media management solution that meets all of my requirements, and this one seems to be it. You can manage your customers’ social media accounts, including Instagram, from a single, easy-to-use dashboard with Sprout Social for Agencies.