10 Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies For Startups

Alyssa Hitaka, founder of the new content portal TopTierStartups.com, introduced herself to me not too long ago. I was interested in hearing about the finest marketing methods being used by her startup’s founders. The insights were gleaned from interviews Alyssa conducted with ten of her founders. We’re excited to pass along what we’ve learned to aid your own marketing initiatives. The items are as follows:

Katja Kaine of The Novel Company, who attributes much of her company’s success

An crucial tool for any startup is word-of-mouth advertising. The Novel Company’s founder, Katja Kaine, has put a premium on a steady, organic expansion of her groundbreaking writing technology, earning a solid reputation among readers in the process. Katja also stresses the significance of human interaction with clients, saying that she personally replies to every emails to show that the company values its customers’ feedback.

Robert Brüll discusses startup prizes and LinkedIn on FibreCoat

Robert Brüll, CEO of FibreCoat, a company specialising in high-performance materials, believes that the platform is essential for any modern professional, and he advises other business owners to use it to promote their own companies. He also has his company enter startup award competitions on a regular basis, since doing so has helped him develop credibility, positive comments, and customer interest. When combined with FibreCoat’s robust LinkedIn profile, these accolades have an even greater impact, drawing more attendees to in-person events and so bolstering the brand’s standing with customers.

Camperguru’s Vita Valka emphasises face-to-face interactions with customers

The algorithms on Facebook and Pinterest have been used by Vita Valka’s Camperguru to pique the curiosity of the target audience and make them feel like they already know and like them. Yet, the revolutionary camping app’s competitive edge comes from the relationships its ambassadors create with campers on the ground. Camperguru’s staff of enthusiastic campers travels around Europe’s finest campgrounds, spreading the word about the app in person at the spots where there are the greatest numbers of serious campers.

Entity’s Wolfgang Rückerl: Superb material and engagement

In this article, Wolfgang Rückerl, co-founder of the blockchain startup Entity, reaffirms the significant impact content marketing has played in the company’s rapid expansion. Robert has amassed a dedicated following for his app by supplying them with insightful content, beautiful visuals, and clear explanations of the company’s inner workings. Entity constantly designs competitions, games, and events for customers and potential users to participate in, making engagement and involvement on social media an integral element of his marketing approach. Robert says the platform’s popularity and success can be attributed to this participatory marketing strategy.

Keeping a Holistic Perspective, by Stefanie Palomino, ROOM

It takes a lot of work to get the word out about your new business. There are a variety of marketing strategies you may employ and a wide range of elements to think about when you connect with customers over time. Stefanie Palomino, creator of the cutting-edge telephony software ROOM, advocates for a “holistic” approach to advertising. She recommends business owners think about their customers from the moment they learn about your company to the point where they are loyal advocates for your brand.

GoVirtuals’ Deanna Visperas, Number Six: The Marketing Power of an Influential Team

Customers’ impressions of a business are strongly influenced by its culture, which is largely determined by the company’s employees. GoVirtuals was formed by virtual assistant industry veteran Deanna Visperas, who attributes the company’s marketing success to the team members who have significant sway in their respective fields. Fostering your employees’ abilities and influence is a terrific strategy to expand your business, as thought leadership and employee advocacy are crucial to building a brand’s reputation and cultivating trust among consumers (as stated by Deanna).

Mark Brouwers, 7th at Nocto, suggests pairing up with other like-minded firms

While similar companies are typically seen as competitors in the startup world, Mark Brouwers explains why it is often better to regard them as partners. Mark has developed his innovative hospitality connection platform, Nocto, in tandem with other companies whose aims and clientele overlap with his own. Creating strategies that benefit both parties is essential to the success of any business partnership, and it also helps everyone involved save time, money, and energy.

Siebe van Mensfoort, Simbeyond: Making the Most of Professional Conferences

A large percentage of today’s businesses’ advertising budgets goes towards internet channels, yet physical methods can be just as effective. Startup founder and developer of software tools for the creation of high-tech devices, Siebe van Mensfoort, routinely participates in industry events to raise awareness of his company. These promotional efforts have taken him all around the world to give talks at conferences and exhibits, exposing Simbeyond to a wide range of potential new consumers.

AdWords and cold calls from Google: topVIEW’s Sam Kynman-Cole, No. 9

Sometimes the simplest advertising strategies are the most efficient. Sam Kynman-Cole, co-founder of topVIEW, a tech startup that helps organisations make virtual 3D tours of their interior spaces, says that Google AdWords are a great way for businesses to reach other businesses. Though he uses a variety of promotional strategies, he stresses personal contact with prospective customers as the most effective. Sam suggests calling first, but notes that a personalised email can be just as helpful in less pressing matters.

Joe Menninger, Content Marketer at Startuprad.io, Discusses Search Engine Optimization and Media Relations

It’s no secret that search engine optimization (SEO) is a hot topic in the world of content marketing; after all, it improves your site’s visibility in SERPs, which in turn increases the likelihood that potential customers will come across your brand. Creating transcripts of podcast episodes is essential, as Joe Menninger, creator of Startuprad.io, an English-language podcast covering startup news in the German-speaking world, explains.