In 2023, which social media will be significant for marketers?

There is a tremendous amount of potential for exposure on social media. This is why professionals in charge of marketing invest so much money in this type of promotion each year.

It’s impossible to ignore such a tremendous advertising medium, what with billions of users as prospective consumers and the ability to target ads according to age, demography, hobbies, economic level, and more.

Social media giants like Facebook (with over 3 billion active users), YouTube (2.29 billion), and Instagram (1.39 billion) are at the top of the pile.

Here are the most talked-about developments in the world of social media today

To effectively engage the social media audience of 2023, you need to not only keep up with the newest social media trends but also know which social media platforms give capabilities to support those trends in a world of digital overload and the resultant desensitisation to same-old approaches.

The second most heavily funded trend this year by social media marketers is live streaming, which is quickly rising to prominence. In the top rank, short-form video content dominates. According to research conducted by Hubspot, the success of streaming ads is 52% higher than what marketers had predicted.

Which social media marketing tool should I use?

Having more time on your hands is a direct result of being the first to market on the greatest streaming platform. Use this downtime to assess the performance of your campaign’s various components and make any adjustments to your creative.

It’s not easy to choose a social networking platform among the hundreds accessible in the Apple App Store and Google Play. What platforms will rise to prominence, and where your money is best spent, is an important question to answer when planning your marketing strategy.

A firm can’t expect to find a single marketing platform that meets all of its requirements. The optimum option is conditional on a number of factors. Who you’re selling to, what you’re offering, and who is a good fit for your brand are all examples of these.

We’ll introduce you to the most prominent social networking sites and explain how they work.

And who they are targeting and how you might capitalise on it.


Monthly active users: 1 billion

Although the app has been embroiled in controversy with nations all over the world and has been subject to bans and limitations, TikTok is still expanding rapidly and is predicted to have more than 1.5 billion users by 2022.

The 2017 debut marked the debut of the short-form content platform. After merging with a year later, it became one of the most downloaded applications of all time.

Like its inspiration, Vine, it lets people make looping short films. Plus, you may use augmented reality filters, text, audio overlays, and other cool effects to enhance your experience. A majority of its users are under the age of 30, and those users spend 45 minutes per day in the app on average, with users between the ages of 4 and 15 spending even more time in the app (85 minutes per day) viewing videos and making their own.

Because to the “Discover” tab, hashtags have become increasingly popular on the platform. Anyone interested in a particular TikTok challenge may simply search for that term and then see all connected videos by searching the hashtag.

The immense promotional potential of TikTok has not gone unnoticed by brands.

Instagram Reels

The monthly user count is 2 billion (Instagram)

However, Instagram Reels did not become available until 2020, despite the fact that Instagram itself is not a newbie. Facebook, noticing TikTok’s popularity, decided to create Instagram Reels.

Creators may make 15-second videos with the ability to include augmented reality (AR) features, music, and basic editing effects, making the service very similar to TikTok.

As of now, National Geographic’s Instagram Reels campaigns have amassed a whopping 145.6 million followers. Nike comes in second with 122 million fans.

Excellent video captures attention and provides tangible value in the form of copy. Increasingly, the last frames of videos include CTAs that encourage viewers to learn more and spread the word.

Businesses must always be producing fresh, high-quality material and coming up with novel solutions. The goal is to raise the profile of the brand on the service. It’s also a good idea to ally with a social influencer to help promote your company, but only if they share your ideals.


Per month, there are 150 million users.

Discord, a popular messaging software, was launched in 2015 with a focus on the gaming community. It was a cost-free substitute for similar phone chat services offered by for-profit companies. Since then, it’s been renamed to appeal to followers of all kinds of media. It might be a gathering of artists, students, gamers, or even simply pals getting together.

In order for the service to function, users (moderators) must set up servers on which other users may join and discuss various subjects via video, audio, or text conversations.

Discord has received 482 million USD in investment, making it one of the most successful social networks. A fifteen billion dollar price tag has been placed on it. Despite Microsoft’s, Epic’s, and Amazon’s best efforts, none of them have been able to acquire the platform.

Advertisements in the traditional sense are currently prohibited on Discord. That it takes a different approach to advertising is one reason why many marketers find it less appealing. That implies there will be less rivalry for consumers’ attention, which is a major plus for astute business leaders.

Instead of buying ads, businesses may generate interest in their products by setting up their own branded channels on the Discord platform. One such firm is Jack in the Box, which has many channels where users may stream Jackbox games to an audience.

Discord is an excellent social media platform for businesses to increase brand loyalty and trust, but it takes a dedicated social media staff to constantly interact with users and provide new material.