How To Reach Global Audience On TikTok

Since TikTok has more than 1 billion monthly users, it’s no wonder that advertisers want to get their messages in front of as many eyes as possible. In order to reach a wider audience, engage their audience more deeply, and ultimately increase sales, brands are rapidly developing new strategies. Since these tactics prioritise socially engaging content, TikTok is a natural fit.

Since its inception, TikTok has facilitated the development of numerous online communities centred on the exchange of virtual content and experiences. More than ever before, brands are establishing meaningful, cross-cultural relationships with their consumers. While there is no set formula for success on TikTok, the following advice and our experience marketing on the platform should put you on the right track.

Why Doesn’t TikTok Have More International Appeal?

The task is difficult, but not insurmountable. TikTok will initially prioritise showing you content from your own country. It locates creators in your area who have made videos in the language of your country and displays those videos to you. Marketers on TikTok, unlike their counterparts on other platforms, can’t rely on name recognition alone to attract fans and expand their audience; rather, the success of a user’s account is determined by the algorithm that decides which videos appear on the For You page.

Instead of focusing on global expansion like Instagram and Facebook, TikTok puts an emphasis on localization. A wider audience can be reached with the help of a good localization strategy. Following trending hashtags across channels and making sure they are adapted for each country is a great way to support your localization strategy, as is keeping tabs on the latest developments in each market in which you operate. Using influential people as a bridge between your brand and potential customers is a smart move. You can expand your reach and make more connections in the country of your choice by collaborating with local micro-influencers.

In what ways does TikTok determine where you are?

When you sign up for TikTok for the first time, the app or website will ask for various details about you. Your SIM card and Internet Protocol (IP) address, among other network-related details, can provide an approximation of your location. Using this method, TikTok can automatically provide users with regionally relevant content on their FYP pages. If you enable ‘Location Services’ in TikTok’s settings, it can also track your precise location using GPS. The GPS function was designed to help you tag your videos with a specific geographical location.

Due to the network information TikTok collects, masking your location with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) after creating an account is usually ineffective. A virtual private network (VPN) can encrypt and/or conceal your true online location. However, they are not fooled because TikTok can also determine your precise location based on your SIM card data or Internet Protocol address. In order to get your brand in front of a larger audience around the world, you should create a brand account with as little localization information as possible.

A Roadmap to Internationalizing Your TikTok

A few key strategies and best practises will gradually alter your profile’s algorithm to show your content globally, making TikTok a viable option for expanding your audience beyond your home country.

Tips for Internationalizing Your TikTok Channel:

A successful localization strategy involves adapting content to the language and cultural norms of the country you’re trying to reach. In order to be successful on TikTok on a global scale, you must ensure that your audience can understand the visual content you are sharing.
Using trending hashtags in the region you’re trying to reach that are also relevant to your content is a great way to get the word out.
Captions and audio in videos that are adapted to the region and culture of the intended viewers. Sound and fashion that goes “viral” is more likely to be heard and seen by a wide audience.
Even though it will take some experimentation to determine when the optimal times are for posting on TikTok, we have laid out some guidelines to keep in mind when doing so.
Some Suggestions on How to Get Your TikTok Videos Seen Around the World:

One, teaming up with internationally recognised creators based in the countries you want to break into.

Their local credibility and fan bases will do wonders for promoting your brand’s content in those areas.

Find out what topics and styles are popular with your intended audience by conducting research. This will be useful in developing targeted content for that international audience.

Moving the cache or reinstalling TikTok may help, as may switching to an international SIM card. If the option is present in your region, disable ‘Location Services’ to prevent the app from accessing your precise location.

Considerations for Expanding Your TikTok Viewership

Creating genuine brand content, checking that your brand voice is genuine, and caring for your community will always be at the top of the list when trying to grow your TikTok following. Successfully expanding your reach to a global audience on TikTok is dependent on your genuineness.

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