Inspiration For Your Instagram Photos And Videos

Instagram is becoming popular among businesses as well as regular people. Many advertisers have heard that it is an effective social network where they need to be seen.

Visual content such as images, videos, graphics, and GIFs is gaining increasing importance on the platform as a means for marketers to tell their narrative and convey their message. Additionally, it is a great method for businesses to put a face to their brand, attract and hire talented new workers, promote their goods and services, and excite and involve their clientele.

Inspiration for Instagram Videos, GIFs, and Photos

Details from the Set

Giving your audience a glimpse of the inner workings of your business is a terrific approach to humanise your brand on Instagram. You may provide your followers a glimpse of the office culture and boost your recruitment efforts at the same time.

Produced by the Audience

If you like the posts that people have tagged you in, you can choose to repost them to your followers. It’s healthy for the original poster’s ego and it demonstrates that you care about what your admirers have to say. If you’re going to repost a photo, at least make sure it’s good quality and tag the original photographer in the text.

Quotes That Inspire or Motivate

The abundance of Instagram quotations has become the target of several jokes. However, if you post them in moderation, they can boost engagement. People are more likely to share a post and tag their friends in the comments if they find some connection with the content. Your brand’s values, whether they be spiritual, inspirational, humorous, or something else, may be communicated through quotes.

Fascinating Numbers

Posting a compelling statistic as text over a picture is another creative approach. If you want to add credibility to your message, value proposition, etc., try utilising statistics from your own study or those you discover elsewhere. (Read this blog post to learn how and where to find accurate, compelling data.)

Timely or Recent Updates

Is there a fantastic new development in the globe or in the nation where your target audience resides? An actual celebration? Happy National Puppy Day! Join the fun and share something wonderful. When newsjacking, it’s important to use caution so as not to spread false information or cause offence.

Comical Media of Some Sort

Your followers are more likely to appreciate your photo and perhaps even share it if it makes them chuckle. After all, funny pictures often end up being some of our favourites.

Graphics or Illustrations that Captivate

Do you have any creative types on staff? Posting a unique and interesting artwork is one approach to be noticed in a sea of photos. You don’t even need anything flashy; just look at this black and white example from Oreo.

Marketing Through Content

Marketing your business on Instagram is all about using captivating visuals to convey a story and attract new followers. People are eighty percent more likely to read anything if it contains a coloured image.

Advertising Campaigns

You shouldn’t use Instagram exclusively to promote your items, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do so on occasion. Follow the 80/20 rule when posting on social media: 80% of your material should be beneficial to your followers, while the other 20% might be promotional in nature.

Videos, reels, and narratives that are compelling

Instagram allows users to create and publish films up to 60 seconds in length, video reels with several clips up to 15 seconds in length, and “stories” made up of photographs and short videos that vanish after 24 hours.

Instagram posts that include videos, stories, or reels may really stand out if they’re done well. Videos may be recorded from scratch (or in numerous short segments) or uploaded from your phone’s library to your feed, stories, or reels in the same way that photos can.

GIFs of Fun and Humor

These days, it’s hard to go anywhere without seeing at least one GIF. This is because they’re so popular and because they help transmit ideas, messages, emotions, and sentiments in a bite-sized (and frequently humorous) format. If your GIF is shorter than 60 seconds in length, you may publish it to Instagram just like a regular video.

Prize Draws and Contests

Do you want to help spread the word about a new product? Instagram contests are a great method to increase exposure and participation among your audience. Hosting an Instagram contest or giveaway may increase your following by 70% in three months, according to research by Tailwind.


Although not widely employed, this strategy provides users with a novel and enjoyable encounter with the brand. It’s also a slick strategy for encouraging customers to check out your company’s profile.

The Instagram feed is where the majority of your followers will view your images, rather than on your profile page.

Encourages you to “Tag A Friend”

Although Facebook and Twitter allow you to tag friends in posts, Instagram is where it is most commonly done. It’s common practise to tag pals in posts that particularly strike a chord or remind you of them. You may expand your audience and boost participation in this way.