How To Use Instagram Stories For Your Brand Growth?

Do you want to use Instagram Stories in your advertising strategy? yet you have no idea how to put it to use? Here are 7 tips to help you maximise the business potential of Instagram Stories.

Learn how to use Instagram stories if you’re serious about using social media to connect with your audience.

Not persuaded? After reading these “Instagram for business” statistics, you probably will be.

Over 300 million Instagram profiles worldwide have embraced the stories feature. Eighty percent of these people follow a business account on Instagram.
Twenty-five million commercial enterprises are represented on Instagram. Every day, at least 200 million Instagram users check out one of these commercial accounts.
At least half of all Instagram businesses release new content once a month. One-third of Instagram’s most popular stories are posted by these corporations. One in five of these stories receives a direct message on Instagram from a viewer.
Every day, over 250 million people across the world view business-related Instagram stories and even make their own.
Over ninety-six percent of fashion-related and other firms use Instagram.
Neil Patel predicts that ‘Instagram Stories’ will remain a market leader.

Make your Instagram profile the ‘highlight’ of your feed by using Stories

With the right Instagram stories ideas, you can make your profile stand out from the crowd and attract more followers. They’re useful for spreading the word about your wares and finding new customers.

A yoga clothing company called Beyond Yoga has released a whole Instagram story full of women powering through their yoga practise in their well-stocked and long-lasting yoga clothes. You, too, are capable of writing such tales.
In fact, with the new “Instagram Stories Highlights” function, you may save compilations of your Instagram Stories. Because it allows brands’ stories to be shown on their profiles, this function is quickly rising in popularity.

Instagram marketing is a much like making a trailer to promote your brand, showcase your items, and attract new customers.

See how things really work

Including some behind-the-scenes photos and videos in your Instagram stories is a great idea.

Hiring a graphic designer who is skilled in Adobe Photoshop is simple, but that doesn’t mean you should. Your target audience might not feel a connection to the styled images you’re using.
The Nordstrom Rack Instagram stories took viewers inside the scenes of one of the company’s fashion shoots.

Fans of Nordstrom Rack got a first look at the brand’s newest collections and were transported to the front row of a private fashion show. It exposed a more human and approachable side of the company to the public.

Try taking some candid shots of the event’s preparations and aftermath during the next business function to share on Instagram.

Utilise voting mechanisms

Instagram has just released a tool that lets users add polls to their Stories, making them more participatory.

These polls are a fun and painless method to get your audience involved and collect feedback on any topic of your choosing.
In addition to saving time and money, these polls can help you make educated business decisions.

Last November, on Travel Tuesday, Airbnb conducted a sophisticated and well-structured survey asking its fans to vote for their favourite travel location. Airbnb was able to more easily make interesting Instagram stories by using content from its users.

In addition to these polls, you can also hold contests, promote sales, and give away prizes to your existing followers by following Instagram Story best practises.

Make use of Instagram Stories as a means of product promotion
Instagram Stories can be used for ‘pre-sales’ to generate interest in the items you plan to sell.

J.Crew has teased the release of their new rose-colored sunglasses with an exclusive pre-sale on its Instagram Stories called Jane in Pink sunglasses.

Include links in your Instagram stories to boost sales, leads, and traffic

The most valuable aspect of social media is the personal relationships it facilitates between brands and their fans. The addition of Instagram Stories has merely expanded upon this possibility.

If you’re still looking for advice on how to make the most of Instagram Stories, consider including some clickable links. The nice thing is that you can also use this link’s tagging functionality.

Using the “swipe up” function and the tagging functionality, Brunch Boys directed its verified users to nearby restaurants.

Use Instagram’s Story feature to talk about your life.

Do you have any idea how GoPro got so many Instagram followers?

Check out what they’re posting on Instagram. You’re in for a visual feast consisting of stunning, adrenaline-pumping photos of people doing things like climbing Kilimanjaro, skydiving in Switzerland, and surfing Hawaii’s biggest waves.

Sharing the experiences captured by GoPro cameras is the primary purpose of their Instagram Stories. One key to their success has been emphasising services over physical goods.

Improve your Instagram Stories with Boomerang

The Boomerang Instagram app allows users to quickly and easily make looping photo slideshow films. It mimics the back and forth motion of a flip book.
Boomerang is a great way to add some fun to your regular images and videos so you may take more pleasure in living. Here’s how to implement boomerang into your Instagram Stories:

  • Accessed Instagram’s “Stories” tab. You may switch between “Normal” and “Boomerang” at the bottom of Camera View.
  • The “Boomerang” option must be selected.
  • The standard white camera button now features a revolving infinity symbol. To start recording, press this button.