Instagram Highlight Reels Versus. Stories: A Comparison

The internal workings of IG Reels are discussed in some detail in a new lesson we released. However, if your client’s Instagram marketing strategy has you debating between IG Reels and IG Stories, this tutorial is for you.

What’s the distinction between Instagram Reels and Stories?

The main distinctions between Stories on Instagram and Instagram Reels are as follows.

1. Size

Instagram Reels have a maximum length of 90 seconds, which is six times longer than the limit for Instagram Stories, which is 15 seconds.

As a result, Instagram Reels are more comprehensive than Stories.

For Customer Stories longer than 15 seconds, you will need to upload numerous clips throughout the day. When users visit the Story in the Instagram app, they will see each post in rapid succession.

2. Accessibility

Your client’s Instagram account might be enhanced with the use of Reels. They will also be accessible in the “Reels” section until they are removed.

However, Instagram Stories disappear from public view after 24 hours. For this reason, promoting evergreen material is best done through the Reels function.

You may save an Instagram Story by either downloading the video to your phone or adding it to a highlight reel. These will always be viewable under the client’s bio.

3. Ability to be Found

You may find reels all around the Instagram app. The “Reels” tab in the Instagram app, the “Explore” page, and the user’s home feed are all places where users may find Reels.

The “Use effect” screen may also feature popular reels when a user searches for a specific effect.

However, Instagram Stories are likely to be viewed by no one save the account’s followers.

By tapping the profile photo, users are taken to the Stories section of their profile page. If users continue swiping left in the Stories viewer, they will eventually come across them.

4. The Four Qualities

The video editing features in Instagram Reels are more robust than those in Instagram Stories.

Using the align function, you may combine many clips into one long video in Reels. The playback speed of the Reel may be altered, and original audio can be imported and timers set, allowing for the recording of faultless clips.

While Instagram Stories does not yet allow users to combine recordings, new stickers are now available to help make your narratives more interactive.

5. Money-Saving Tip Useful Tools

Only the original Instagram account that shared a story may access it afterwards. But anybody may download their Instagram Reels.

Users may now access their saved Reels at any time.

The “Saved” tab on one’s Instagram profile is where one may view their saved Reels.

6. Partaking

Instagram Stories and Reels may also be shared via email, DMs, and other social networks.

If an Instagram user doesn’t remove their shared reel, other users can still view it indefinitely. Even with a permanent connection, Instagram Stories only last for 24 hours.

Sharing Reels on a website is possible since they may be included like Instagram posts. The client’s complete Instagram feed may be automatically pulled and embedded with various layouts utilising plugins like Smash Balloon.

7. Audio

Instagram’s music collection is available for usage in both Reels and Stories.

This can only be done in Stories by using the music sticker. You may add music to your Reels by using the audio tool or the “Use audio” option.

Instagram Reels also allows you to add a narration, music, and sound effects to your videos. Because of these features, Reels offer more flexibility in video production than Stories.

For your customers, which is better: Instagram Reels or Stories?

There are several parallels between Instagram Reels and Stories on Instagram.

Instagram now supports short video clips. Stickers, augmented reality (AR) effects, and bespoke layouts are just some of the editing features they share.

However, their individual characteristics render them better suited to particular forms of social media advertising.

1. Creating fresh sales leads (Instagram Reels)

Your client will be seen by more Instagram users, even those who don’t already follow them, thanks to Instagram Reels. Shareability, indexability, and discoverability are all improved for reels on Instagram and beyond.

How to generate leads with Instagram Reels:

  • In order to attract more viewers, you should use current music and effects.
  • Increase your Reels’ discoverability by using hashtags.
  • Share evergreen material from your Reels on other internet channels.
  • Post your social media Reels at peak periods to increase their reach.

2. Establishing connections (Instagram Stories)

Instagram Stories provide users with a more genuine interaction with their followers. They pop up at the top of their home feeds, creating an air of uniqueness and urgency despite their brief nature.

How to use Instagram Stories to nurture leads:

  • Expose the “inside scoop” True stories that will endear your target audience to your customer.
  • Get feedback from your audience using question and poll stickers.
  • Use countdowns to promote your future events.
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3. Content promotion (Instagram Reels and Stories)

You can promote your content in style using Instagram Stories and Reels.

The 90-second time constraint of a reel makes it ideal for summarising complex ideas in a video format. Contrarily, you may embed links within stories that will direct readers to your website.

Promotional strategies for Instagram Stories and Reels:

  • Create intriguing post summaries and finish them with a call to action or inquiry.
  • Give your client’s audience some fast “hacks” on how to get the greatest value out of their goods.
  • Create Instagram-friendly Reels using your current video material.

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