Twenty Instagram Highlight Reel Concepts For Any Kind Of Company

Consumers are 2.5 times more interested in short videos than long ones, per The Sprout Social IndexTM. As the most popular kind of in-feed social material, short-form is a clear winner.

Brands have a lot of room to be imaginative and increase consumer engagement thanks to the availability of lengthier movies for publication and the widespread preference for short form video among consumers.

Inspirational Instagram videos for clothing and retail companies

Using Reels for advertising purposes makes sense for retail and fashion firms because their whole nature is to present their wares in an appealing light. Here are some ways to stretch your brand’s creative muscles:

Advertise currently trending merchandise

Take advantage of the Reel below from Lost Girls Vintage and record some clips of your best selling goods. They showcase a trending item and provide some background on the item and its designer.

Visualize the procedure and the end user’s reaction

If you offer a service instead of a tangible good, show your followers the steps you take to make a consumer pleased, rather than just the finished product.

Third, come up with engaging examples of your products in use.

Use your creativity to come up with scenarios that highlight your products. If you’re selling to shoppers who are looking for a certain product, you might want to have them imagine utilising it in a specific setting.

Create a video for a social media contest, rule number four.

To promote their social media campaign, #GetSpookywithMe, MeUndies teamed up with creators like Lauren-Ashley Beck. In the clip, Beck wears her pyjamas on a frightening night in with her boyfriend. The TV presenter and Survivor alumna decorates the set with cookies she just baked and spooky props.

Take note of how the knickers and loungewear company described the contest in the caption. Likes, comments, and shares aren’t the only ways to interact with your audience; branded challenges like these take it to the next level.

Give an example of your ideals in action.

According to research from The Sprout Social IndexTM, 74% more people place importance on purchasing from businesses that reflect their own beliefs than they did in 2021.

Cleverly employ creators and influencers, number six

Krystal’s new Side Chik chicken slider was introduced in early October 2022. The fast food chain collaborated with influencer Brittany Renner to convey to customers that they aren’t looking to steal customers away from their go-to Southern fried chicken sandwich; rather, they want to be the Side Chik to your go-to.

Advertise an upcoming gathering

Raise anticipation for what’s to come. Chemistry, a marketing firm located in Atlanta, utilised this strategy to publicise a workshop it was hosting for those working in digital PR, advertising, and media creation.

Chief Creative Officer Chris Breen discusses the agency’s customers and general industry trends in the Reel provided below.

Include visuals

Showcase your product’s latest improvements and features using animation. In a sea of photo and video Instagram Reels, adding some animation may breathe new life into your company’s account.

Share an enjoyable time-lapse

Quickly capture your audience’s attention with time lapses. The creative and social teams behind your business will appreciate how simple time lapses are to capture and edit. You’ve seen time lapses in culinary videos or at murals, but this Instagram Reel concept works just as well for firms catering to smaller demographics.

The music is undeniably the focal point of the Reel, but the caption plays an important supporting role because of how nicely the two work together. Inventables provides two calls to action and FAQ information in the caption content. A narrative concerning the video’s central drill bit is also recorded. If your brand’s Reel features a hot new sound, think about how you can keep people interested in the description even after the clip ends.

Sharing an after-action report

Provide coverage of previous events to keep readers up-to-date. Those of your followers who were there will have a great time reminiscing, and you’ll get others interested for the next one.