Instagram Marketing In 2023: Data From The HubSpot Blog

Since the introduction of the Reels and Shop buttons, Instagram has seen a radical transformation, with the heart-shaped notification button seemingly acting on its own and IGTV being removed entirely.

Despite their seeming arbitrariness, these updates are necessary milestones in Instagram’s transition to a video-focused social buying platform.

Instagram will continue to put emphasis on video in 2022, while also enhancing its social shopping features, streamlining its DM interface, and making it simpler for content producers to monetise their work and form partnerships with companies.

Techniques for Marketing on Instagram

Instagram Marketers’ Most Important Objectives and Methods

Marketers’ objectives on Instagram are evolving in light of the forthcoming changes to the site.

Instagram marketers plan to focus on brand visibility and expansion in 2022, followed by product promotion, sales growth, customer connection building, brand advocacy, and service and retention.

Increasing Recognition of Your Brand Through Media

Instagram has made it very apparent that it intends to prioritise video over photographs going forward. This not only suggests that Instagram users prefer to watch videos, but also that Instagram’s algorithm will prioritise videos when making recommendations.

Using Instagram Ads to Drive Leads and Purchases.

Instagram marketers also have the secondary objective of advertising their products and services, which they will do by posting content that features their wares and making use of Instagram’s new shopping options.

Making Money With Instagram’s Retail Features

Instagram Shopping techniques give the best ROI and are being employed most by Instagram marketers, despite the fact that Instagram Shopping products are still relatively young and expanding.

Only 37% of app users are making use of the app’s purchasing facilities, but that number is expected to rise to 94% this year. In addition, one-third of Instagram users want to make their first purchase on the app this year.

Relationship and community building with customers

One of the greatest advantages of having a business presence on social media platforms is the potential to create meaningful relationships with consumers, so it is not surprising that this is a top aim for Instagram marketers that will become even more of a focus in 2022.

To achieve this goal, marketers will put resources into building relationships with their target demographic and producing material designed to spark conversation.

Instagram’s response options range from basic likes and hearts to comments and direct messages. Making your followers feel valued and appreciated through interaction is a great way to increase brand loyalty. However, as communication works both ways, you should also aim to stimulate interaction through your content.

Prioritizing Interesting Material Over Other Methods

For 2022, 17% of Instagram marketers aim to put more resources into creating content that drives interaction than any other tactic.

For example, you may run a poll on your story, go live and have a chat with your viewers, or just conclude your video with a question that your followers can answer to in the comments.

To strengthen the bond between your business and its online following, it’s important to reach out to members of your community even when you aren’t actively attempting to sell them something.

Service to the Customer

If you’re a marketer, you shouldn’t ignore possibilities to provide excellent customer service on Instagram. With good reason, 28% of Instagram marketers plan to focus on enhancing customer service and retention in 2022. Utilizing Instagram for customer support has the second greatest return on investment (ROI) of any Instagram marketing technique.

Incorporating Hashtags

Instagram has had hashtags since 2011, and 82% of marketers still use them. Of those, 85% stick to a documented hashtag strategy. But do they actually work?

Eighty percent of Instagram business accounts report that hashtags contributed to the success of their Instagram strategy in 2015. When using Instagram, marketers that make use of hashtags are 23% more likely to claim success for their business in the previous year. Using a document hashtag method raises that percentage to 30%.

Content with embedded calls to action

Since likes, shares, and saves are the most important metrics Instagram tracks, we polled Instagram marketers to see which one they found most useful in getting the algorithm to boost their content.

Ineffective Marketing Methods in the Year 2022

In 2022, Instagram users are least likely to use UGC, freebies, and affiliate marketing, all of which have low utilization, ROI, and potential.

Consider forming partnerships with influencers in your field who can create genuine content for your business to develop social proof and raise awareness if you’re having trouble constructing an efficient UGC, affiliate marketing, or giveaway plan. Based on the results of our marketing trends study, influencer marketing is now the most talked about and profitable strategy.