The Complete Guide To Instagram Live For Your Brand

Instagram Live, introduced in 2016, is a fantastic addition that enables users to stream live videos directly to their feeds. Millions of Instagram users immediately put it to use in a wide variety of contexts, and it was a huge success.

Some people are sceptical of the commercial viability of this function, despite the fact that it is a lot of fun to use for broadcasting live events and sharing travelogues. Some companies and marketers have figured out how to use it effectively, but widespread implementation of the strategy has yet to occur.

That’s why we whipped together this handy guide using Instagram Live for commercial purposes. Learn what Instagram Live is, why you should utilise it, and how you can put it to work for your company.

A Primer on Instagram Live

Let’s start with the basics of how Instagram Live functions before diving into the specifics of using it for professional purposes.

Fundamental Characteristics

Here are some of Instagram Live’s best features that will help your company succeed.

Live footage may be streamed instantly.
One way viewers may engage with you is through video comments.
You may even have more people join your live broadcast as “guests.”
You may record a Live video and then save the recording to your Stories.
The option to “pin” certain comments to the top of the thread is very handy.
How to Apply
The process of going Live on Instagram is straightforward and very similar to making a Story. The “Live” option is just a swipe away from the interface where Stories are created. When you hit the round play button, your Instagram feed will instantly become public.

There’s more work to be done if you wish to utilise this function for commercial purposes. Going Live and hoping for the best isn’t the best strategy.

You should get ready for this first. First, you need to know exactly what it is you want to present and emphasise. It’s smarter to conduct a dry run and make sure everything is in order before going live.

The benefits of Instagram Live in the workplace

If the above list of features hasn’t already convinced you of Instagram Live’s commercial potential, here are a few more. You should use Instagram Live into your social media marketing plan for the reasons listed below.

It’s Publicity Is Very High

Instagram Live broadcasts are prioritised above the user’s Stories in the feed. Furthermore, they are prioritised over Stories and displayed first. In addition, they stand out from conventional Stories by virtue of a broad pink ring that appears around them.

When you go live, your followers will be alerted right away.
Instagram Live videos have another distinct benefit over the platform’s other content formats in that they attract viewers almost instantly. Instagram will alert all of your followers to watch your Live broadcast as soon as you start live. A sense of urgency is created, and your fans are more likely to view it right away.

Allows for Instant Communication with Your Fans

Unlike with other video formats, you may have a conversation with your viewers during a Live broadcast. It’s a win-win since you get to know your audience better and they get a more interactive experience.

Strategies for Using Instagram Live to Promote Your Company

Here are six ways to make the most of Instagram Live for your company. Try them out, and use your own creativity to come up with even more clever use of this tool.
Launch a new product using it.

Launching a new product on Instagram Live is a fantastic use of the platform. Interest in a newly released product may be stoked by real-time discussion on the launch.

If you want to get people talking about your new product, going live with it early is your best bet. Prep your audience by giving them a taste of what they can expect before the official launch.

Hold a Real-Time Q&A

Taking questions from viewers in real time is one of the most popular ways to utilise Instagram Live. You can gauge the pulse of your audience and engage with them immediately.

Take use of this to hear out and address issues that your customers are having. They might inquire about anything related to your business and its offerings.

The primary advantage of utilising Instagram Live for this is the ability to conduct a live chat. This eliminates the need for consumers to wait for solutions to their issues or information to their concerns.

Share Real-Time Footage From a Promotional Event

Going Live from a brand event is a great way to increase interest in the event online and in person. This will increase online brand engagement by giving your online fans a sneak peek inside the event.

Photos from the event posted later on your feed won’t have the same impact as a Live video. If you use Instagram Live, you may give your fans the impression that they are taking part in the action. With it, you have a better chance of attracting a dedicated following on social media.

Interview Subjects

You never know who you might meet or collaborate with when building a brand. You may attract more followers and viewers to your Instagram Live channel by doing interviews with interesting people.

The audiences that follow influencers are passionate and dedicated to them. They should announce the impending interview in advance so that their fans are interested in watching. You’ll attract more fans and be able to communicate with more people if you do this.