Instagram Will Feature More Photos And Videos From Users You Don’t Follow

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced intentions to reintroduce the chronological feed, among other content filters, to the mobile app.

More suggested content has been added to the Instagram home feed.

  • That’s right; Instagram is increasingly favouring posts from users you don’t already follow.
  • This adjustment may increase your content’s discoverability.
  • Additionally, Instagram is introducing a new feed that will only display posts from the individuals you choose to follow.

Instagram is revamping the home feed to include more material from accounts you don’t currently follow, and they’re also introducing two new feeds.

Instagram is reintroducing the chronological feed, which will only show information from accounts you’ve chosen to follow, as a contrast to the content you didn’t ask to view.

Instagram also has a new feed that works like Twitter’s lists, letting you choose which accounts you follow specifically.

The next changes to Instagram, which are meant to offer users more agency, are described in further depth below.

Instagram’s New Home Feed Features

The Instagram app is getting an upgrade with three distinct sorts of feeds, and it’s already in testing with a small subset of users.

Those three sources are:

  • This is the Instagram you know and love, where posts are ordered by how likely they are to pique your interest.
  • In the Favourites feed, you’ll find updates from the accounts whose posts you really must not miss. Like Twitter lists, you may select which accounts will display in this stream.
  • A chronological collection of updates from the accounts you’ve chosen to follow.

The new feeds and the updates to the standard home feed are showcased in a video posted by Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri.

Mosseri said the updates are being made so users may feel better about their app time.

He thinks Instagram might be improve users greater control over their feed.

However, the primary stream will become increasingly disconnected from the material that users have chosen to see.

That’s encouraging news for content discovery since it means more people might see accounts and their material.

However, if users suddenly start seeing less of the stuff they care about, they may have a negative reaction to Instagram.

At least a convenient drop-down menu will let them swiftly move between the Favourites and Following feeds.

Some people are already receiving these for testing purposes. Mosseri anticipates a full release sometime in the first half of 2018.

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