Here Are 5 Exemplary Brand Instagram Bios To Use As Templates

The Instagram bios of successful brands and influencers are very diverse. Take a look at this example of an outstanding Instagram bio for a company.

Instagram is a great platform to promote your business to a younger audience.

Two-thirds of the monthly active users (yep, one billion) are under the age of 34.

But just like any other social media site, you need to know how to make the most of its features in order to promote your own brand.

It’s simple to dismiss your Instagram bio as unimportant, but it’s crucial to have a well-written bio that showcases who you are and what your followers can expect to see on your profile.

An outstanding Instagram bio is crucial if you want to compete successfully in your market and attract potential consumers.

Read on to learn the elements of a great brand bio and see some examples of companies who wowed us with their descriptions.

What Should Be Included in a Good Instagram Bio?

Instagram is a photo-sharing app where every post must be succinct.

Instagram biographies should be brief and to the point; this is not the place to describe your brand’s backstory in depth.

In fact, you have only 150 characters to not only get your idea through, but also explain your audience what you do and what they can anticipate to see from you in terms of content.

Your brand bio should include as much relevant information about your company as possible in order to attract customers and rank highly in search engine results using the limited space available.

Dunkin’ Donuts

We love how authentic and straightforward Dunkin’s Instagram bio is: “Dunkin’ Donuts fuels IG.”

Instagram abbreviates to IG. To ensure that everyone is aware of what is on offer without more explanation, they have included two emojis: a coffee and a doughnut.

This bio is perfect for them since it is succinct, easy to understand, and reflects the brand’s character.

Mental Recess

We think Headspace does a great job of setting expectations for their audience in their bio.

It’s straightforward, yet written in a professional, helpful manner.

Who wouldn’t be interested in reading more from this company if their bio promised them health and happiness?

Make up something new: Create two concise phrases that explain your brand’s offerings.

Make things as simple to read and comprehend as possible.

Three Bagels from Einstein Bros.

We appreciate that at the core of their brand is the promise of freshly baked bagels, and that promise is prominently displayed in their Instagram bio.

The CTA in this bio is also fantastic; it encourages readers to check out their online menu and place an order.

A CTA’s value lies in the fact that it increases foot traffic.

A Delicious Knot

It’s a positive sign if you’re more interested in making meaningful relationships and contributing to a two-way community than in counting the number of individuals who are following you.


They don’t waste time describing their products and services; rather, they highlight the fact that they give away a third of their revenues to charity.

It is vital to let people know whether your brand is charitable and giving.

Instead of trying to sell you anything, Toms is using their Instagram profile as a call to action to get you engaged in making a difference in the world.

Taking the Time to Craft the Perfect Instagram Bio

You can’t just put up any old bio and expect to attract and maintain a large Instagram following.

Creating a bio that is interesting enough to gain new followers and articulates the brand and values you want to promote requires a lot of time and effort.

With so many factors to think about, coming up with the perfect social media profile for your business may be tough.

Do not give up if at initially you do not succeed.