Do You Need Instagram to boost your company’s growth?

Teenagers posting photos of their supper on Instagram are no longer in the minority. Instagram, with its more than 1.2 billion monthly active users, is a fantastic venue for any expanding enterprise, provided that proper care is taken.

Promoting your business and its wares on Instagram doesn’t have to cost a lot of time or money, which is one of its many advantages. Yet there is some order to the chaos, so let’s take a brief look at how a business-to-business firm may use Instagram to their advantage.

The Future of Your Business Depends on Its Social Presence

Your business should take advantage of Instagram and other social media sites where your target audience spends a lot of time.

Statistics reveal that millennials make up over 40% of the workforce at many organisations, and that a sizable proportion of this cohort is also active on Instagram. Also, 90% of Instagram users are under 35, so you can count on them to be your company’s future customers.

It’s crucial to capitalise on this demographic today since young people’s buying habits will only grow in the future. You should avoid arriving late.

The key is to use Instagram effectively, with interesting material and considered postings.

What Instagram Strategy Should You Use to Promote Your Items?

It’s easy for a B2B that’s new to Instagram to think that all they need to do is publish a few posts that highlight their products and they’ll be set. But, Instagram users don’t appreciate having their items pushed upon them, so some tact is required.

To succeed, you’ll need a solid plan for developing and distributing content. Just what is it that you hope people will take away from this? What sort of emotions do you want others to experience while looking at your photos and videos?

A good strategy is to highlight a certain facet of your company on a dedicated feature page. To learn more about Tribe Influencer, check out their featured page. Pictures on this website make me feel at ease and ready for an adventure. They’re more interesting than a typical company logo since they make the consumer think of vacations and the emotions they evoke.

There are a lot of brands that have left an indelible mark on Instagram without ever selling anything. General Electric does this through releasing videos that reveal the creative process behind the company’s goods. IBM promotes a lighthearted element of their company culture by posting images online.

These various page formats are meant to entice the viewer into learning more about the business. When you’ve had their attention, you may start selling to them. Visitors can sense despair from miles away, so don’t give them that scent. See what happens when you implement this strategy into your company or product.

Hashtags and Usernames Are the Name of the Game

Instagram success often depends on a company’s ability to pique a customer’s attention quickly and keep them engaged. Then, think of a short yet memorable username (three syllables max). Don’t use dots or underscores if you can help it; they’re just not professional looking.

But, hashtags are what make Instagram what it is today, so don’t focus too much on the aesthetics of your page. The idea is to discover trending hashtags that include terms associated with your expertise and what you anticipate buyers would look for. You should start by creating your own hashtags, but you should also look for hashtags that have been used by other firms in your industry but are not yet overused to use for your own.

Instagram’s capacity for social interaction is also significant. When you’ve established your page, connect with other companies operating in a similar field to yours and negotiate a mutual endorsements programme. Create a schedule where people must remark on one other’s photos at set periods of the day. Your interaction rate, number of followers, and number of pageviews will all increase as a result.

Use the Most Recent Instagram Functions

Instagram’s dynamic nature makes it a perfect platform for B2B marketing.

To provide just one example, the network now provides a scheduling option that not only simplifies your postings but also saves on these frequently expensive third-party applications, which in turn equals more money for your business.

Numerous companies are also taking advantage of Instagram’s integration with the e-commerce platform Shopify. You may now browse shoppable photos without ever leaving the site thanks to this handy add-on.

How Much Money and Time Does It Need to Use Instagram Successfully?

Instagram success requires more than just having a presence. While it’s not necessary to assign a whole team to managing Instagram, businesses would do well to have at least one employee spend an hour a day on the network.

All that matters is that you are consistent. Put in that hour every day to share two to four photos, engage with other businesses in your network by commenting on their profiles, and check to see that all your connections are working properly. Although these actions taken each day may seem little, they will greatly increase your Instagram following and ultimately, your business’s exposure.

One further perk of Instagram is that you may get started without spending any money right away by creating an account. Spending on public relations, social media account management, and creative consultants is optional for businesses, but the typical B2B should not spend more than $3,000 per month on these activities.

Instagram is a successful platform that is asking for brands to increase their visibility on the platform. Make good use of the platform’s features and tools, and you should see your business expand.