How To Build Authority Backlinks?

When it comes to SEO, backlinks are still the best method to boost your rankings and attract visitors from search engines. Experts recommend producing high-quality content in order to attract a large audience, but most people soon learn that this isn’t enough. Quality search engine optimisation is always necessary.

The question now is how to get excellent backlinks without using black hat methods like buying links, since backlinks are still the way to beat your competitors.

How to get high-quality connections?

1. Make Good Use Of Tools Like HARO

Aid a Reporter Officially, or HARO. Simply put, it is a platform that facilitates communication between journalists and sources of information. Since journalists are required to give credit where credit is due, becoming a media outlet’s source practically guarantees you either a mention or a complimentary backlink on one of those outlets’ websites.

After becoming a member of HARO as a source, you will receive daily emails listing the writers looking for sources. The emails provide a quick summary, contact details, a date, and a media outlet.

2. Find Articles That Fit Your Specific Needs

The second method of getting a backlink is to look for content related to your topic, such as best of articles, link roundups, and topic resources, and then recommend your website to the author of the content. Backlinko is credited with popularising this strategy a few years back.

3. Post as a Guest Blogger on Well-Known Websites

You can become a guest blogger on well-known websites, just like I do on sites like this one, Forbes, and AllBusiness. The secret is to specialise in an area where you already have expertise. Articles that are useful to their users require the author to be an expert in the niche.
The next stage is to reach out to the blog owners you’ve decided would be a good fit for your writing style and ask if you can contribute. It’s a good idea to provide the editors of the blogs you’re interested in writing for with links to your earlier work, as this demonstrates your credibility and experience in the field.

If you haven’t had anything published on blogs yet, it’s a good idea to email an editor an article or outline you think would be a good fit and ask for feedback.

4. Check For Invalid References

Searching for broken links in your niche and offering your link as a replacement is another technique made famous by Backlinko. Due to the difficulty in locating broken links outside of extremely famous niches, my experiences with this approach have been mixed.
The next step is to reach out to the page’s author or webmaster and propose your link be added in place of the one you found. To get people’s attention and cooperation, you need to be courteous, kind, and a bit of a sweet talker, as has been stated.

5. Give Responses On Question and Answer Sites

You won’t get the best quality backlinks using this technique, but you will get some good ones that are legit. And even if some of them are no-follow, they can still affect your SEO efforts.


Quora is a well-known question and response website with answers typically provided by subject matter experts. You play an important role here. You should be able to address any questions that users may have because you are an expert in your field. Sign up for a biography and fill it out thoroughly, then look for questions within your specialty that you can answer well.

Help from Yahoo!

Before Quora, Yahoo Answers was the undisputed king of the question-and-answer websites. Despite its usefulness for its time, it was plagued by spam and queries weren’t always answered by subject matter experts. In either case, all you need is a Yahoo account to start contributing answers right immediately. Like on Quora, you look for questions people in your field might have answers to.

Remember that you shouldn’t respond to extremely old queries unless they have never been answered before.

Until you earn a good reputation and accumulate points on Yahoo Answers, the links you submit will not receive any link juice.

Variables of Question-and-Answer Sites

Here are some additional question and response websites where you can sign up to participate by answering questions posed by users. Keep in mind that you won’t be a good match for some of them unless you’re an expert in that particular area.