How To Get Instagram Video Content Ideas?

Do you ever hit a wall while trying to think of topics for your videos? When you’re at a loss for what to share online in the form of video, this piece will show you where to look for inspiration. You will never be at a loss for what to film again.
The popularity of video advertising is well acknowledged. In fact, in 2018, 81% of firms employ video marketing.

Video is extremely effective in increasing conversions, exposure, and interaction across all sectors of business and marketing.

If you’re already using video to promote your company or yourself, that’s fantastic. If you can schedule regular releases, that’s even better. But what do you do if you simply cannot think of any more ideas for videos? Where can I look for new concepts that will interest my target market?

If you’re having trouble thinking of new topics for your videos, this article will provide you five proven strategies.

When you’re at a loss for what to film for your next video, try these five strategies.

Review Previous Posts

Nothing new has ever been discovered. If you’re in need of video content ideas, turn at your archive. Pick the finest ones and make animations out of them.

Focus your efforts on the stuff that you feel has been undervalued in the past. Promoting through videos is a fantastic approach to offer them a second opportunity.

Let’s speak about several content categories that lend themselves naturally to being adapted into interesting videos:

Blog Entries

You’re missing out if you don’t incorporate videos into your blog postings. The addition of a video to your blog post will breathe fresh life into it, whether it’s a simple slideshow summarising the article’s main points, a video announcement of a new post, or an explicit video instruction.


While most people only identify podcasts with audio, you may be surprised to learn that your podcast audio can be converted into a video. Create a video to promote your blog content, since they appear to be more extensively utilised than podcasts.

Making a slideshow on Facebook or Instagram with relevant images is the simplest method to transform a podcast episode into a video. Then, include the audio from your podcast.

Alternately, you may use Headliner, a programme that helps you simply make videos from audio snippets. A podcast episode in its entirety can also be filmed and shared online.

Explore the Event Schedule for Inspiration

Provide an occasion for joy, and people will rejoice. That’s possibly why fans in every corner of the globe celebrate a wide variety of festive festivals and events. Why not use it as a jumping off point for your own ideas for video content? developed the Free Social Calendar to facilitate the work of video makers. Holidays and observances, trending hashtags, and daily suggestions provide each day of the calendar with fresh inspiration for unique content creation.
The process of creating movies is already simplified by the fact that most of the concepts come with professionally prepared video templates. Users of are free to use and adapt these premade videos for their own purposes.

Did you know that August 8 is recognised as International Cat Day?

A film with cute kitties would be perfect on this day, you see. The same holds true for any other day of the year as well!

Inquire of the Viewers

The best source of information about the needs of your audience is the audience itself.

Asking your followers what they want to see in terms of video content is a great way to come up with new and interesting concepts.

Do they want to watch films that inform them or that make them laugh?

Which types of videos are most interesting to them?

How can you use films to alleviate their problems?

It’s a win-win if you tailor your content to the tastes of your target demographic. You get a lot of interaction and can make sure your films are relevant to your audience while they get to express themselves and watch stuff they appreciate.
You may poll your followers on social media, send out a newsletter, or even ask people personally at a conference or in an interview.

Pick the one that works best for your organisation, and don’t be shy about showing your enthusiasm!

Utilise Google Trends

With Google Trends, you can see how people from all around the world are searching for the same things on Google in different languages and different locations. Increasing your video views is beneficial even if you have no intention of creating a viral video.

Make a video about something that’s currently popular in your field by consulting Google Trends.
There’s no need to stress the need of staying current with trends in content creation. To find out what people in your target demographic are interested in right now, use Google Trends and tailor your search to them.

You can use this as inspiration for controversial video topics.

Idea Checklists

Perhaps this is the most apparent technique to generate concepts for videos, but if you haven’t done it yet, you should.

Many obvious and easy-to-implement concepts for video content may have never occurred to you before.