5 Powerful Ways To Develop Your Instagram Community

Is your company’s Instagram profile as strong as it can be? If you want to succeed in today’s corporate world, you must ensure that this is the case. Approximately 67% of the most popular brands in the market today are interacting with their customers on Instagram.

If you want to keep up with (or go ahead of) the competition on Instagram, this article will give you five techniques for doing so.

Maximise Your Presence

Let’s begin with Instagram’s most fundamental feature, your profile.

Keep your profile page uncluttered, straightforward, and straightforward to find. Make sure your username and profile picture both reflect your company’s identity by including it in some way. Your Facebook and Twitter handles should be the same or very similar to this. Make sure to provide a link to your website in there so that people can readily learn more.A brief summary of your business should not be forgotten.

You just have a few seconds to convince an Instagram user to follow you, so make sure everything they need to know is easily accessible.

This piece of advice may sound elementary, but it will go a long way towards making your profile more engaging for your followers and more representative of your brand.

Be a “Part” of Your Social Group

Instagram is primarily a social media medium, so it’s important to keep that in mind when using it for promotional purposes. Engage your audience on a personal level to increase engagement and your reach.

Establish credibility with your target audience by demonstrating that you share their passions and values. Try to see things from the eyes of the neighbourhood. What sort of things do you think they might enjoy? What kind of things do you think they might like?

Pictures depicting an active lifestyle are appropriate for a sporting goods retailer. Columbia Sportswear has uploaded an image for your viewing pleasure.
To grow your fan base even more, share more intimate corporate stories. Share photos and videos of your office life, company milestones, and employee accomplishments on Instagram to make your followers feel like they’re part of the action.

Show your followers that you value them by following them back, responding to their comments, and starting conversations by asking questions in the captions of your photos. Establish that you’re interested in hearing from them beyond merely doing business with them.

Advertise Your Instagram Page Elsewhere

Instagram is a social media network. It’s not meant to be read independently. You can increase the amount of people who see your Instagram posts by connecting it with your other social media profiles. You should include Instagram badges on your website and blog. Put them in the emails and ads you send out to your customers. Promote your Instagram account everywhere you can, both online and offline.
You can increase the number of likes and comments on your images by integrating your account with Facebook and Twitter. The inverse is also possible. Spread the word about your Instagram by mentioning it in tweets and Facebook updates. StoreYa makes it easy to add an Instagram tab to your Facebook page with only two clicks.

Incentivize your audience by holding contests and awarding prizes

Promotions, competitions, and giveaways are some of the best methods to interact with your audience. In the previous tip, we explored ways to make your followers aware of your unique character. this tip will explain how you can reap the rewards of your followers’ willingness to share themselves with you.

Offer promotional codes or discounts to your most devoted fans. Hold contests to see who can take the most original photo of your product and give out rewards to the winners. You can increase your following and exposure by offering incentives to your followers for engaging with your content (such as liking and sharing posts, posting photos, and receiving freebies).

Consider the case of Dunkin’ Donuts. Dunkin’ Donuts had a Halloween photo contest last year. For a chance to win a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card, fans shared photos of their most frightening Dunkin’ Donuts costumes using the hashtag #DresseDD.
This strategy has a dual purpose in attracting and retaining followers. It’s a great way to keep your present audience interested while also promoting your company and attracting new ones.

Employ Analytical Methods

In addition to the aforementioned techniques, you can also use Instagram analytic tools to boost your account’s performance. You can get at the data behind Instagram activity with the help of apps like IconoSquare and Simply Measured.

You can use these instruments to discover the most well-liked filters, hashtags, and optimal posting times for your images. They will assist you in aligning your postings with what is popular at the time, so increasing the visibility of your images.

These resources also aid in dissecting your own account’s performance. You can look back at the number of people who followed you, the number of people who liked a particular photo, and the number of people who followed you at a certain moment.