All You Need To Know About Using Quick Response (QR) Codes On Your Favourite Social Network

When you get down to the nitty-gritty details, marketing is really all about connecting with people on an emotional level. With social media marketing, too, you leverage content creation and platform diversification to reach new and existing clientele. Considering that over half of all consumers now use social media to learn more about a product before buying it, this is a crucial area for marketers to concentrate on.

Marketers may learn how to maximise their involvement in social media from any number of available tips and tutorials. All of them, predictably, advocate for making it simple for clients to get in touch with you. That’s why every video ends with “Don’t forget to subscribe!” and a downward-pointing arrow at the end of YouTube vlogs.

Customers have been desensitised to the “share” and “like” social networking buttons by their ubiquitous presence on every website. Thanks to Quick Response (QR) codes, we now have a workable solution. Have a look at these innovative QR code applications to use during your subsequent social media drive.

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Few people will go to the trouble of opening their social media applications, typing in a business’s name, and clicking “like” or “follow” unless they have had an exceptionally pleasant experience at your cafe, retail outlet, or e-commerce website.

Customers now want everything to be quick and easy to use. Creating a QR code is a simple way for marketers to direct clients to their company’s social media profiles.

Marketers may develop QR codes that, when scanned, direct customers to a landing page with connections to all of their social media accounts and use them on product packaging, brochures, or posters. Users may begin interacting with you in minutes across all of their preferred social media channels.

Instruct users to carry out the precise operation you envision.

Let’s pretend you’re a restaurant marketer who’s looking to boost “check-in” numbers on Facebook. Yet instead of buying from you, your consumers are opting to “like” or “follow” you on social media. One easy way to get people to do what you want them to is to have them scan a QR code that takes them directly to that activity. Provide a QR code that instantly transports people to the “check in” button on your event’s Facebook page rather than expecting them to navigate the ever-changing event page design.

Promotional activities like contests and gifts are a fun way to use QR codes to encourage participation in social media campaigns. Printed QR codes were part of a fantastic marketing strategy that Verizon unveiled. Those that scanned the code were prompted to share a post on their Facebook profiles through a unique link. They were entered into a drawing for a free phone if any of their Friends on facebook clicked on the link they posted and made a purchase. Neither Verizon and its clients benefited from this campaign because of its participatory nature and incentive structure.

Provide Unique Material

Snapcodes are Snapchat’s version of the QR code and are yellow with the Snapchat logo in the centre. Snapcodes are unique to each user, making it simple to connect with people you meet in person. Now you may quickly add friends without needing to remember their usernames or put them in a search bar.

But Snapcodes aren’t only useful for making it easier to discover friends on the app—they’re also a fantastic tool for marketers to use to share unique content with their customers. Just print your Snapcode everywhere you want to reach your target audience and accompany it with some attractive writing outlining the exclusive content they’ll have access to by scanning your code.

That’s why Levi’s ran an in-store advertising campaign. Customers at the store may actually try on a jacket by scanning a Snapcode and opening an unique filter on Snapchat. We were really impressed with how the campaign utilised our two favourite technologies, virtual reality and QR codes, to create a one-of-a-kind and engaging experience.

Figure out how much money your influencers are making you.

In 2019, influencer marketing’s $8 billion ecosystem made it the hottest marketing phrase in recent years. Yet, determining the ROI of influencer marketing may be challenging, especially when trying to extrapolate results to actual consumer actions. Here enters the QR code.

On social media, influencers may promote your shop by using QR codes that are unique to each customer. When your followers make a purchase from your shop, they can receive a special discount by showing the relevant QR code on their mobile device to the cashier. You’ll be able to not just credit the influencer marketing effort, but also the individual influencer themselves, for the transaction.

It is indeed essential that you maintain the fundamentals in mind.

If you have other components of your social media advertising plan dialled in, QR codes may be a great way to increase your campaigns.

  • It’s important to keep an updated, well-optimized page up that describes your business.
  • Provide a steady flow of high-caliber, interesting information that will leave a lasting impact.
  • Maintain a voice and approach that is consistent with the brand.

Keep your current audience satisfied by actively engaging with them, whether through comment replies or new discussion starters.