An Ultimate Guide: Add Music On Instagram Reels And Stories

The right music can really set off your material. Instagram Stories, TikTok videos, and YouTube clips that you enjoy watching regularly likely have catchy, memorable music. In this article, we’ll show you how to include sound into your Instagram Stories and Reels.

Sound effects for Instagram Stories

Users have had the option to include music in their Instagram Stories since 2018. It’s simple to implement and usually leads to an increase in traffic to your site. After all, tunes make everything better.
Including music in your Insta Stories is a simple process, in case you were curious. First, you:

  • Take the picture or video you want to use in your Story. No, we won’t be giving you any instructions. Just be yourself!
  • Then, select the happy-face shaped ‘Sticker’ button. The next step is to select the “Music” sticker from the available options. It looks like three moving waves and belongs on the right.
  • A lot of music will be included. The ‘For You’ section tailors its recommendations to your preferences and past actions. You may search for a single song, or you can use the genre, mood, and theme filters to find what you’re looking for.
  • You may listen to previews of songs by clicking the “Play” button, and then you can choose a song by clicking it. You may then utilise the track’s slider bar to play up to fifteen seconds of the song, and include it in your Story.
  • Pick a graphic representation of the music that you like most to include in your Story. When you first add a music Sticker, it will seem like a little version of the album cover. When you’re finished, click the “Done” button. The thumbnail and lyrics may then be rearranged by clicking and dragging them to a new location on the page.
  • Adding music to Instagram Stories gives you even more creative freedom when working with video. For the duration of the Story, the Sticker can be affixed to a relocating character or item by pressing and holding on it.
  • Select the ‘Story’ tab and then press Publish when you’re finished. You now know how to make your Insta Stories more interesting by using music.

Instagram Stories do not support audio

If a music isn’t available, it’s likely because of licencing or rights concerns. Instagram has a robust search feature, but it doesn’t find everything. You may manually add a music to a clip before adding it to your Story if you want to incorporate a song that isn’t accessible in-app. There won’t be any takedowns, copyright claims, or legal jargon if you have the proper licence and/or rights to incorporate it in your material.

We have almost 40,000 songs available at Epidemic Sound. All of them are free to use in your Instagram Stories without worrying about paying royalties (more on that in a sec). You can stop worrying about copyright claims and takedowns by linking your Instagram channel to your Epidemic Sound membership and having us safelist it.

Including Soundtracks in Instagram Stories

You’ll need some songs if you’re going to be cranking out quick bursts of material on Reels. What follows is a comprehensive guide about using music in your Reels:

Take a video and post it on Instagram to use as your reel. When you’re done, look for the ‘Audio’ icon in the bottom left corner.
Select your desired song by clicking the “Audio” tab. You can browse, search, and listen to snippets to find the ideal tune, just like you can with Stories. Then you go through the same steps again, picking out a 15-second snippet of music, deciding when in the timeline the graphics for that song should appear, and so on.
When you are satisfied with the above, please email your message. And with that, you now know how to enhance your Instagram Reels with music.

Is there a reason I can’t use Instagram Reels with audio?

If you’re unable to add music to your Instagram Reels for the same reason you can’t use it in your Stories, it’s likely because the rights holder hasn’t licenced the track for use on Instagram. Instagram will likely erase or muffle your video if you publish a Reel including such a song, and you will also receive a warning.

This is why it is wise to only use music that does not need payment of royalties. When you utilise royalty-free music in your material, you won’t have to worry about forking over money to the original composers or owners of the musical compositions every time they’re heard. Even if a piece of music is labelled “royalty-free,” it doesn’t guarantee you won’t have to pay royalties if you upload it to a streaming service or sell it on iTunes.

There are no hidden fees or royalties with our songs. Our exclusive right to grant direct licences to our users is what sets us distinct.