7 Instagram Giveaway Ideas To Boost Followers

Hosting an Instagram giveaway is a great method to satisfy people’s need for free stuff while also garnering exposure for your account. Instagram followers may quickly be gained with a simple giveaway once every few days. Having a contest open solely to your followers will help you attract more of them.

Successful Instagram contests include Instagram collab giveaways and Instagram trivia prizes, among others. This collection of winning Instagram giveaways should serve as inspiration as you organise your own.

7 Instagram Giveaway Examples to Get You Started

Take a cue from these actual giveaways on Instagram and how they’ve used content or entry types to draw in more participants and boost interaction.

Free Stuff from a Photo Contest

You may improve the number of people who follow your account and use your branded hashtag by hosting an Instagram picture contest.

For this competition, for instance, contestants are required to upload an entry photo to their accounts, tag the giveaway host’s account, and use a custom-made branded hashtag.
You may get more people to enter by having them like and comment on their favourite photo from your account or by having them tag other people they think might enjoy taking part.

Free Stuff Instagram Giveaways

Conceive a contest with another company or influential person and provide a joint reward. Inviting audiences from both parties may boost interest and involvement in a collaborative effort.

This partnership between Liquid I.V.® and BlendJet is a great example of reaching out to two distinct demographics with a single promotion. Both companies may benefit from the wellness-oriented content of the prize package. Participants are required to like the post and follow both accounts to increase interaction, which is beneficial to both companies.

Free Stuff for Being Tagged

Instagram contests frequently need participants to tag their friends in order to be considered. This rule ensures that the giveaway gets seen by more people by putting it in the hands of those who have been tagged. They’ll enter, tag their friends, and the number of participants will increase rapidly. Extra entries frequently lead to what comes next.

Participants in this Sally Beauty UK contest are required to like the post, follow the account, and tag a friend who might also enjoy winning. Since you need all three to participate, everyone who does join will have to tag someone, which might greatly increase the post’s engagement.
The organiser of this contest will accept multiple entries if you tag more people. To increase your chances of winning, you can fulfil the mandatory tag of one friend and then tag additional friends in a subsequent remark. You can tag as many people as you like to get extra entries; the host has no limit. However, a limit may be necessary to prevent users from just tagging spam accounts to increase their chances of winning.

Free Prizes from a Trivia Game

Instagram trivia competitions are a good idea since they encourage people to leave comments on the post. With more comments, your post and profile may rank higher in Instagram’s recommendations.

Typically, an account holding a trivia giveaway will make a post with a question they want participants to answer. Then they put the question to the audience in the comments, picking the “best” answers or the first right ones.

True Prize Drawings

Some content creators prefer to announce winners or conduct the entirety of their contests in a live Instagram video. Regardless, a large number of people watching in real time is a surefire method to increase participation rates.

To enter this doll contest, for instance, participants had to follow the account hosting it, promote the offer with their followers, and leave a comment. The winners were then announced in real time in the Instagram comments.

Comment Contests with Prizes

You may keep things straightforward by having entrants respond to a question you pose in a comment on your giveaway article. This is a straightforward approach to encouraging discussion.

To enter this contest, for instance, you need to share what book from 2022 was your favourite. Given that the account’s followers are likely romance novel fans, this contest is a great approach to get them talking about their favourite genre.

Conducting Viable Instagram Contests

Although there are many methods to hold an Instagram giveaway, the most successful ones often adhere to one of the aforementioned recipes. No matter what you decide, before going live with your event, make sure you’ve read up on how to operate a great Instagram giveaway.

Installing the Instagram follow button on your blog or website will allow users to easily follow you on Instagram and expose your giveaways and other posts to a wider audience.