Month: September 2022

The Role Of Domain Authority To Gain Success In SEO: An Ultimate Guide

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Domain authority is the powerful metric to evaluate your website result with the digital strategies. But what exactly does domain authority mean? Is it necessary to improve it for your website? Will a higher DA rank better on Google?

Generally, domain authority is a valuable metric to find your website status in comparison with your competitor. DA is not a ranking factor but helps Google to increase its website authority.

In this post, we are going to see the solutions to your questions about domain authority and the ways to optimize it.

What Is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is an interesting factor that provides a digital strategy to take your website on the right path. Moz introduced this interesting metric and identifies your appearance on the SERP in comparison with your competitors.

Now, many other tools like SEMrush formed their authority metric with an algorithm that uses backlinks, traffic, referring domains, etc to find the authority score of your website.

What Is A Good DA?

The DA score in Moz ranges from 1 to 100. The higher number has a higher probability to gain better results in search engines. The Moz tool detects your website’s DA score by taking the quantity and quality of high DA backlinks that a webpage has.

If your website contains backlinks from high authority sites, it has a greater possibility to gain a better DA score for your website. But how will you check your website DA? It is simple! Log in with your Moz tool and enter your root domain. On the link explorer column, you will see the DA score for your website.

How To Increase Your Domain Authority?

Now, you will be clear about the domain authority metric and ways to determine the domain authority score for your website. But what are the steps to increase the domain authority score for your website? Here is the solution! Let us see the interesting techniques to boost your DA.

1.  Select An Interesting Domain Name

Choose the domain name relevant to your business to gain your audience’s sight. Focus on having your main keyword on your domain name to increase your SEO performance. Remember, your domain name must be easily recognizable and memorable for audiences to search for you frequently. 

Remember to renew your domain every three to five years to maintain your DA score.

2. Optimize Your On-Page Content

SEO efforts increase Google search engine ranking and a domain authority booster for your website. If you want to improve SEO, optimizing on-page content is necessary. 

Prepare effective on-page content by including your title tags and engaging content with perfect keywords. When your content performs in favor of the Google algorithm with original content and proper keywords.

3. Create Content With Links

When you buy guest posts backlinks from trustworthy sites with engaging content, Moz considers it as a vote of trust and boosts your DA score. If you want to improve your DA score, creating great and engaging content is necessary to boost your performance. 

The better content gains more authentication for your website. But content with authority backlink improves your DA score.

4. Improve Inter-Linking

Internal links help to connect your audiences with your business, thus improving the user experience. When each web page contains internal links, it helps to direct your visitors deeper into your business.

Internal links prevent leaving audiences from your web page and reduce your bounce rate. So, get a better DA score with internal links and index your site on search results.

5. Make Your Website As Mobile-Friendly

Nowadays, most people use mobile phones to scroll through a website on the internet. So, it becomes necessary to design your website with the right appearance on mobiles. Mobile optimization also improves your search engine ranking and reduces the number of people leaving a site without any action.

So, design your website as mobile-friendly and improve your ranking with higher domain authority.

Wrapping Up

Domain authority provides a pathway to detect the overall performance of your site. Also, it helps to compete with other websites relevant to your business. By reading the above article, you will be clear about domain authority and methods to increase it. Use it and gain success in your business.

How Could B2C Marketers Leverage Instagram For Lead Generation

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The growth of social media platforms keeps touching greater heights with the addition of  smart features that help both brands and non-brands showcase their presence. Generally, brands are looking for traditional marketing and advanced advertising techniques to approach their audiences in more innovative and unique ways. Instagram allows businesses to boost their brand awareness and enhance sales by following the right marketing tactics.

Brands, about 73% use social media channels to enhance their popularity. So, approaching Instagram with billions of audiences paves the way for brands to reach their target audiences.  But what makes B2C marketers use Instagram? Why is Instagram unique compared to other social media channels? Let’s find it out here effectively.

Why is Instagram Unique For B2C Marketers?

Instagram emerges as the sixth-most popular social media site, next to Facebook, YouTube, and Whatsapp. Though Instagram came into use in 2013, it acquired over one billion users with a record growth rate of about 751%. 

What makes Instagram special for getting more audiences? Here are some main reasons:

  • A user-friendly application with easily accessible features.
  • Instagram allows you to gain popularity and explore your talent with wider audiences.
  • Since people prefer visual platforms, Instagram helps to view visual content.
  • Users can easily grab the content concept on Instagram because of its visuality.

Do you know why Instagram is trending at the top of other social media channels for marketing? Here are some exciting reasons:

# Reach Target Market Easily

People under the age of 18 to 24 years use Instagram to a greater extent. Moreover, if your target audiences are young, Instagram will be the perfect platform to influence your brand or business to wider people. Because of the presence of more young audiences, Instagram is emerging as the natural platform to enhance brand growth.

# Better Content Display

Videos are the primary tool on Instagram to gain your audience’s attention. A survey shows that more than 90% of marketers get an increased ROI by investing in video marketing on social media channels. 

Instagram is a visual platform, brands can get the most out of it when they leverage its different features like reels, IGTV and stories. Among them, reels work amazingly to capture more audiences.  After posting,  you could step ahead to obtain more likes for reels videos to gain visibility from real users, boost content reach and attain greater popularity on Instagram.

#Increased Audience Activity

The users on Instagram always tend to show their presence with their exciting and engaging visual content. However, Instagram experiences an overall engagement rate of 1.22% among the industries, with a posting frequency of 0.62 posts per day. It implies that, when you share a post on Instagram, it captures more likes and views than on Facebook or Twitter.

Top Benefits Of Instagram Marketing

With the reasons for unique features on Instagram, here are some benefits of choosing Instagram as the marketing channel for B2C brands. Let’s now dive into the top benefits:

# Increasing Users

Not only brands spend their time showcasing their presence on Instagram. Apart from 25 million businesses, more users and small scale companies keep on joining Instagram. With a larger user base, Instagram provides a great opportunity for businesses to reach new audiences.

# Effective Targeting

Instagram helps brands to target their audiences and reach them with location, interest, behavior, and age. There is also an automated targeting feature on Instagram to gain excessive benefits for B2C businesses.

# Boosting Followers Count – An Easy Task

On Instagram, boosting your follower count is easy when compared with other social channels. Brands get wider methods to promote their Instagram profile, either using their website or product packing.

# Leverage User-Generated Content

The target audiences believe in brands by viewing the user-generated content. Instagram users trust UGC content 50% more than the normal content by brands. So, encourage potential customers to share their content with your branded hashtag to gain traffic.

# Get In-Depth Analytics

Instagram helps businesses with the in-built analytics feature. The insights help to reach your target audiences by providing their data like age, gender, and location. With the age group and location, you can create content that attracts those people to your brand.

Wrapping Up

With excessive growth of audiences, Instagram still keeps proving that it is the best place for B2C marketers to promote their products. Though building audiences and getting new leads slightly differ from other platforms, Instagram is the most effective way to achieve it. Therefore, boost your marketing efforts with the above tips and grow your B2C business with potential leads.