The Brownstone Revival

The Brownstone Revival

Buffalo is often recognized for its historical gems and rightfully so, with its interconnected park system developed by Frederick Law Olmsted (& co.) or one of the many intricately designed architectural works by Frank Lloyd right.

Rowhouse Bakery & Restaurant is located in an area that many locals (past and present) have colloquially referred to as Millionaire’s Row, a collection of extravagant office buildings and houses that line Delaware Avenue. We are happy to be one of the latest and greatest additions to Downtown Buffalo’s restaurant scene residing in some of the most beautiful brownstone buildings in the area.

It’s no surprise that our guests are enchanted with our space inside 483 Delaware Avenue. Rowhouse was built and designed to offer plenty of rooms to dine or relax in, each with its own ambiance, to ensure that all of our guests are comfortable and feel like they’re at home. Visitors are always encouraged to stop in for a bite to eat or get lost in Rowhouse, whether it is exploring the different rooms or simply through a great classic book on The Perch.

“A great addition to the local restaurant scene, the Rowhouse Bakery and Restaurant has also rescued and restored one of Buffalo’s architectural marvels. It’s a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds!”

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