Meet the Team


Nick Schabert

Executive Chef is a talented chef and teacher who strives to cook earnest, humble food.  After finishing training at Le Cordon Bleu, he came back to Buffalo and began developing his approach to food as Executive Sous Chef.  Nick worked in the Buffalo Club and at Wegmans developing their Pub restaurants.  On his own time, he has played a role in organizing pop-up dinners in and around Buffalo, where he pushed his vision of ingredient- and technique-focused cuisine.

Walter Grohs

Executive Baker recruited from James Beard Award-winning restaurant in the Hudson Valley, refers to his unique style of baking as “American Bred.”  Walter uses strictly American grains, organic flour, long fermentation, and a slow bake technique.   Walter takes the greatest pleasure in watching his customers devour his breads and pastries with all the goodness they encompass.


Our bakery, kitchen and wood fired employees are called Artisans. Like the traditional apprenticeship systems, we train and promote our artisans based on their perfection of their improved skills as they progress under the training and leadership of the master executive Chef and Baker.